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Rockwall County Court House

Although a new courthouse was built in 2011 in Rockwall, TX, you might not find a reason to visit it unless you have business with the courts. If you want to take a journey to discover more about local government or the system itself and see a stunning piece of architecture, a visit to the new County Courthouse makes sense. It features a stunning dome with a star of Texas design that sheds light down on the terrazzo tile county seal in the middle of the floor below. You can also see a lovely mural of the new building and to historic Rockwall courthouses hanging on the wall inside.

The original Rockwall County Courthouse burned down in a fire many decades ago. The 1940 historic building still stands and offers a unique perspective back in time. With its Art Deco styling, the architecture and interior views harken back to days long gone. Outside you can see the cornerstone with important names of different precinct judges and the architect. Although the building was renovated extensively in 2002, it retained all of its unique Parisian-inspired style.

The inside of the 1941 Rockwall County Courthouse invites both ground floor and upstairs courtroom exploration. Although it is not a full-fledged museum experience, you and your family will have many opportunities to learn something interesting about this historic building and town. Take time to view many old photos displayed on the walls as you travel back in time and imagine what it was like all those years ago.

Although the entertainment value of visiting either Rockwall County Courthouse is minimal on its own, the historic building in center square starts the historic downtown walking tour. If you stop by the Historic Park Museum on Washington Street, your group can pick up a printed brochure that leads you to many interesting places in town. Some of these include the location of the first general store, a Masonic Hall, and the former site of many different shops and businesses on the surrounding streets.

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